ART OF GEOMETRY The Heavenly City (print-at-home)

Joumana Medlej
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“The Heavenly City is a geometer’s name for the traditional diagram that represents the order of the universe and the numerical code that underlies it. [It] contains the numbers, measures, shapes, proportions, and musical harmonies that are constant in nature.” — Jon Michell, How the World Is Made: The Story of Creation According to Sacred Geometry.

This diagram was discovered by geometer John Michell in the 1970s. The reason it is called the Heavenly City, and also New Jerusalem, is that it was reconstructed from the detailed description of St John’s vision in Revelations, where an angel showed him “the perfect pattern of creation”. He described it as a city with, among other things, three gates on each of its four walls (full description in Revelation 21:9-14). The result is the unusual feature of 12 circles arranged in 4 groups of 3, rather than being equally distributed around the perimeter.

There is more than one possible route to construct this diagram, and we will work with two:

  • The Marriage of 7 and 12 creates a 28-pointed star which generates the 12 moons.
  • Drawing Down the Moon introduces the Starcut to derive the size of the Moon from the circle of Earth.

This is not an ebook! The files are formatted to be printed and bound at home (instructions included).

Terms of use: By purchasing these files you agree to only print your own personal copy, with any extras limited to your household or replacements. I'm releasing this format so that people can have handy hard copies without paying through the nose for postage: please don't sabotage my living by redistributing the files or printing for others.

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ART OF GEOMETRY The Heavenly City (print-at-home)

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